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" Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results"


All of us experience physical pain and discomfort at some point in our lives. Sometimes we need some assistance to get back on track or enable us to recover well. Have you noticed how pain and discomfort affects your daily life? Often sleep is disrupted, mood changes, stress increases, diet changes, we become less sociable and stick to the same movement patterns. 

Is this you?

Physical discomfort is often something we brush off,  thinking we'll do something about it later at a more convenient time, it's amazing just how long some of us will do this for. Sometimes we've been told to 'learn to live with it', but have instead just 'learnt to put up with it'. Here's the thing, do YOU want to carry on like this inevitably? Give me a call and we can arrange an appointment for a full consultation and treatment. Not sure what will help? I have an extensive toolkit of techniques as well as a list of therapists that I refer to and am more than happy to put you in touch with.

Helping you heal

(attributed to Albert Einstein)

CWellbeing is a small local business supporting you on your journey towards feeling and being your best.
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